15 Best Project Management Software and Apps for Mac in 2022

The Best Project Management Software for Mac
Here’s a list with the top project management software for Mac.
ClickUp The best free plan for project management software compatible to Mac

monday.com is the best for communication and collaboration features

Smartsheet Cloud-based platform allows organizations of all sizes plan, capture, manage and automate work.

MeisterTask Best for personalized dashboards

Teamwork is best for managing team workload

Miro Miro – Best for collaborative whiteboards and visualizations

TeamGantt Best for Gantt chart capabilities

Hive Best is a tool that automates workflows

Nutcache Best for time tracking, invoicing, and financial features

Yanado Task The best Mac project management software for Gmail users

ProWorkflow is the best way to get quick overviews of projects or tasks

Project Online is the best for Mac users who want to experience MS Project

Tom’s Planner PM software Mac for those who require more than Excel but less than the full suite of project management apps

RationalPlan Portfolio management, collaboration and resource management all rolled into one Mac-friendly PM program that follows the PMBOK

GanttProject The best free project management software available for Mac

You’re not the only one who longs for Microsoft Project for Mac. Project management apps can be extremely useful and often vital tools to organize, engage in, evaluate, replicate, and replicate any job. MS Project is a very common tool, so it’s not surprising that many MacOS users are searching for Apple-friendly options.
This article will discuss the best PM software for Mac devices. It also includes a few good MS Project alternatives. I will answer common questions about Mac project management tools, and I will outline my criteria for determining the “best” project management software.
What is the best Gantt chart program for Mac?
Many apps offer Gantt charts tools for Mac. GanttProject and Wrike are some of the most useful options.
Is there a Mac version for Microsoft Project?
MS Project is not compatible with MacOS. However, there are still options to use Microsoft Project on your Mac. This tool, like all Microsoft-designed software was specifically designed for Windows. The Project Online web app, however, was designed by Microsoft and comes with Microsoft 365 Mac. It is a fully functional project management tool.
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Gantt charts can be extremely useful for project managers and their teams. This is a list of my favorite Gantt charts tools.
If you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Project, here’s a post. I will show you the options available to you: (1) Install something locally compatible with MacOS; (2) Use a cloud-based platform for project management; (3) Use an online browser-based app, such as MS Project Online.
Comparison Criteria for Project Management Software for Mac
What are we looking at when selecting tools for review? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI). Is it simple and appealing? It would appeal to someone who is used Mac’s high aesthetic appeal.
Usability: Is it simple to learn and master? Is the company able to provide good tech support, tutorials, or training? Is it easy for users to access the company’s tech support via a mobile app or a cloud platform?
Features and Functionality:- Scheduling, allocation, and scheduling: Does the software have simple grids, calendars, the ability set deadlines and dependencies, as well as drag-and-drop capabilities for moving resources around. Auto-scheduling is a great feature.