15 Best Task Management Software for Teams in 2022

The Best Task Management Software List
Here is a list of the top task management apps.
Smartsheet Best cloud-based task manager software

Monday.com is the best site for adapting to different needs

Wrike The best task management tool with built in templates

Kintone Best is a custom task management company

Process Bliss Best task-management software for process improvement

MeisterTask The best task management software for powerful collaboration

ProWorkflow is the best for project and task flexibility

The Best Enterprise Task Management Software

Asana Best online task-management software for complex projects

Todoist is the best personal task management software

Yanado Task + Project Management The best task management tool for Gmail

TeamGantt The best online task management software for teams

ClickUp Best Free Plan for Task Management Software

Basecamp Personal Best 100% Free Task Management Software for Personal Use

Casual Best task management software for beginners

Below is a list of 15 top task management softwares. It includes screenshots, overviews of features, and pricing.
Your daily workflow will be infinitely simplified if you have a good task system that allows your teams to use task management software.
This article will quickly help you compare and evaluate the top task management software and similar project management apps for groups. I have also included personal task management apps, and highlighted where the software is most suitable for agencies, software development groups, small businesses, and so on.
You can still use simple task management if you don’t like high-tech solutions. You can use generic programs that allow you to take notes and organize such as Google Sheets and Google Docs. These programs require more manual input.
You can use more sophisticated task tracking tools to help you do more than just keep track of your to-do lists. The best planner apps will help keep you organized, provide macro and micro points of view, identify delays, and problem areas, as well as keep everyone on the same page.
It can be difficult to choose the best to-do tool for you. I have compiled a list and explained the strengths of each.
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Overview of the 15 Best Task Management Tools
1 Smartsheet
Best cloud-based task management software
Smartsheet Dashboard.Smartsheet acts as a spreadsheet-like task manager software. Smartsheet has been recognized for being a popular business app and has won several awards. Smartsheet is a great task management tool for those who are comfortable working in Excel, but don’t want to have to do complicated calculations. Smartsheet does all the calculations across multiple sheets. Smartsheet allows you to add custom brand logos and color themes to individual projects.
It provides basic functions that task managers may need to manage multiple projects, such as the ability to schedule project tasks, subtasks and activities, assign resources, and sections of tasks. This online task management tool allows team members to be notified about critical changes in real time. It also provides shared views, detailed logs, activity logs and automated reminders. Status reports are also available to keep everyone informed. To keep track of important milestones, the Critical Path feature highlights all tasks that directly impact your project’s completion date. This task management app has a strong reporting feature, with editable summary reports you can export to Excel.
Smartsheet integrations include Microsoft apps and Google apps, along with development essentials like Jira and useful business apps such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and Slack. The platform can be extended via a REST API or webhooks.
Smartsheets starting at $7/