2022 Scrum Alliance CSM Renewal- Earn Smoothly

You must keep your Scrum Alliance CSM certification active once you have earned it. Scrum Alliance encourages credential holders to keep their certification current and up-to-date by continuing to update their knowledge and skills. You will also be maintaining your certification by doing this. Scrum Education Units (SEUs) are earned by learning new things and improving your Agile skills. These SEUs are hours you spend on certain activities, improving your skills and knowledge. Scrum Alliance CSM renewal requires that you earn 20 SEUs every 2 years. Your certification will expire if you don’t earn these SEUs or do not renew your CSM certificate. Our Full Scrum SEU Guide is available.
What are the steps for Scrum Alliance CSM Renewal then?
Earn Scrum Education Units, or SEUs, by participating in activities such as writing articles, presenting, volunteering, attending courses, or Agile events, and many other activities.
Send your earned SEUs to the Scrum Alliance website.
You can renew your CSM certification by paying the $100 renewal fee to the Scrum Alliance.

What happens if you don’t earn 20 SEUs within 2 years?
You will have six months grace period to renew your CSM certificate if you don’t earn the two-year SEUs. If you don’t renew your credential, it will expire and you won’t be able renew it. If you want to renew it within six months, you will need to pay the fee again and retake Scrum Alliance CSM exam. This is something you don’t want to do. You have already put in a lot of work to earn your CSM certification. Why not make it a little more difficult to maintain it? It is easy to renew your Scrum Alliance CSM certification and it is affordable. To renew your Scrum Alliance CSM certification, you only need to pay $100
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from masterofproject.com. If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. You can also add masterofproject.com on the safe senders list to ensure you receive our emails. It is not a burden to put in 20 hours of work and earn $100 after each second year. This is your chance to continue learning Agile stuff and upgrading yourself with the latest techniques and tools in the industry.

How to Earn Scrum Alliance CSM Renewal SEUs
Scrum Alliance offers a variety of activities that can be used to earn Scrum Alliance CSM renewal SEUs. Participating in SEU-earning activities will help you keep your certification and satisfy the Scrum Alliance certification maintenance requirement. Participation in the Scrum Alliance CSM renewal activities must be related to your certificate. Scrum Alliance can renew your certification if you have completed the required SEUs, and two years have passed. See our Scrum SEU Webinars page.
Scrum Alliance has categorized the CSM renewal activities you can take part in. These are described in the lines below.
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The Scrum Alliance CSM Renewal Events
You can earn SEUs by participating in a variety of events. These events are described below.
Scrum Alliance Global Gatherings
Two Scrum Alliance Global Gatherings are held each year. One in Europe and one in North America. Participating in these gatherings gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge with others, learn new things, and even make new friendships.
These events are led by industry professionals and offer the opportunity to participate in interactive learning sessions