5 Questions Every Manager Should Ask at Team One-on-1 Meetings

No one likes the proverbial my-way-or-the-highway boss, the control freak, or the micromanager. How can you avoid being a bad leader for your employees?
It’s all about asking the right questions in one-on-1 meetings with your team. These are not performance review questions. They are real questions that can significantly improve an employee’s output, morale, and quality.
Let’s take a closer view at the questions every manager should ask their team to improve performance, and strengthen trust.
In team check-in meetings, ask one-on-one questions
Being a great manager requires that you ask the right questions to your team members. These are five great questions you can ask your team at monthly or weekly employee check ins or 1:1s.
1. What is your greatest accomplishment this week/month
Everyone loves to talk about their wins so why not start there? Here are some ways to phrase this 1:1 question.
What have you been doing lately?
Do you have any work that you are proud of?
What are some highlights from your recent work?
Are there any success stories?
This is why this check-in question works
This question gives you a sense that there is forward motion and progress. Worker need to feel that things are improving and moving forward.
Positive information can give your team member a sense personal accomplishment. Positive information sets the tone for future discussions by setting a positive mood.
This can give you both oversight and improvement power. This gives you a way to measure the work of your employees and to determine if they are contributing in the way you want.
2. What is your greatest challenge right now?
Because they help us grow, challenges are good. This question may not be as stimulating psychologically as the first, but it is important to ask in one on one meetings.
This is why this check-in question works
You first need to understand the struggles of your team member. It is possible that you don’t know that a colleague is slowing down or that the software is not working properly. Managers need to be aware of any issues in employees’ work processes, work or company culture.
This one-on-1 question puts you in a problem-solving mode. A productive conversation is one that involves problem-solving. You have gone beyond office chat and small talk to actually work on things that have a return on investment.
You can improve processes, eliminate obstacles, and increase team productivity. You can solve a problem if you know what it is. Most problems can be solved.
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Each member of the team has a different view of the company. As a manager, your job is to combine all of this information and improve the company.
Everyone can add value, and not just those who have a job title. Your team can add value by sharing their managerial insights.
My CEO often asks me: What processes can I improve? Every week. Same question. Although I don’t always have any suggestions for improvements, at least there is the possibility.
This is why this check-in question works
It shows your team that you can do things differently. A dynamic company can adapt to staff needs, adjust to changing markets, and accommodate industry trends. Incorporating “do different,” terminology into your discussions opens up possibilities for improvement and change. This is a great tool for both the employee and employer.