5G – The next-generation mobile networks, 5G, will be the most powerful “G” in the world. It will surpass the existing 4G LTE networks. Experts are beginning to see 5G as a clear vision. 5G will offer network speeds of up to 20 Gbps or more and low latency of just milliseconds. Companies that can convince staff to embrace 5G will see continuous deployment. This means incrementally adding new capabilities at a pace of one “G” per annum, without the pain of each huge leap to convert from one G.

Stuart Feeser

Stuart has been in the data/telecommunications industry for the past 35 years. Stuart devotes his time to the deep understanding of complex systems by researching the latest technology and providing training and consulting services based upon his research. Stuart has strong technical skills and a unique ability of making complex concepts understandable. The 5G approach uses containers, virtualization and SDN. This webinar will provide an overview of 5G architecture and features, as well as the supporting technologies. Why 5G? – The untold tale 5G service-based architectural Technologies Supporting 5G Courses: 5G Essentials Python Basics Kubernetes Boot Camp