6 Reasons to Consider Earning Your VMware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization Certification

Enterprises love VMware products and software. They are however highly proprietary. Unless you have experience with VMware products, your knowledge of other software cannot be used to support vSphere or other software offered by VMware.
To ensure that they have the right knowledge, companies that rely on VMware software look for candidates with VMware certifications. VMware is committed to keeping its virtualization software current and relevant with technology advancements. It has a strong track record of updating its certifications in accordance with software changes.
VMware certifications are guaranteed to cover the most recent versions of VMware software.
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What certifications does VMware offer?
VMware Certified Professional (VCP), certifications are for IT professionals who manage, install, configure, and optimize VMware solutions. VMware also offers VCTA and VMware Certified Technical Associate certifications. These certifications can be taken before you become VCP certified. This certifies that you have basic knowledge about virtualization concepts and vSphere concepts but is not required to take VCP.
VMware breaks down its certifications into tracks that cover specific parts of the technology it offers.
Data Center Virtualization (DCV)
Network Virtualization (NV)
Cloud Management & Automation (CMA)
Security (SEC).
End User Computing (EUC).
Application Modernization (AM).

Each track has multiple levels. These are the four levels of the DCV track:
VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA).
VMware Certified Professional (VCP).
VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP).
VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX).

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Why you should consider earning the VMware’s VCP- Data Center Virtualization certification (Spoiler: This certification is also highly-paid).
The Data Center Virtualization professional track certifies that a candidate is able to troubleshoot and implement VMware vSphere infrastructure. It also teaches best practices. It’s also a highly-paid IT certification, according to our research.
It is divided into seven sections.
Section 1: Architecture and Technologies
Section 2: Products and Solutions
Section 3: Planning & Designing
Section 4: Installation, Configuring, & Setup
Section 5: Performance-Tuning and Optimization, as well as Upgrades
Section 6: Troubleshooting & Repairing
Section 7: Administrative and Operational Tasks

Let’s take a look at why this certification is so important. It can make a huge difference in your life and career.

6 reasons to get your VCP/DCV certification
VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization certifications will help you stand out among your peers. While experience is important, certifications can help you change your career path.

1. Recognition for your skills
Employers trust certifications, certified people, and the certification process. Although you may have all the IT skills you need, certifications are essential to ensure that you can do the job. You can see where you stand if your business was in danger. It is one thing knowing what you can do. It is quite another to be able to prove it.

2. Career advancement opportunities
Certifications are important in IT.
Anyone can embellish their resume, the truth is. A recent study found that 93% of participants have seen someone lie on their resume. The most common lie is about experience.
Only 2% of people lied about certificates in the same study.