CISA Certification: Validation of your IT Auditing Skills

CISA, or Certified Information Systems Auditor, is a certification that gives credence to the role as an IT auditor. ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) administers the CISA certification. This association is internationally renowned. CISA certification is earned by individuals who provide management, audit and control level services. CISA certification is granted to professionals only after they have met all the requirements. Modern IT audits require a lot of skill in order to understand the risks and vulnerabilities of modern enterprise environments and then develop mechanisms to reduce or mitigate these problems. CISA certification is intended to provide the necessary skills to accomplish this task.
ISACA CISA certification is intended primarily for IT auditors. However, cyber-security experts, IT consultants and even mainstream IT managers can greatly benefit from this certification.
This certification is not only recognized by organizations around the globe, but it is also highly recommended for those seeking IT audit talent. This certification will greatly benefit an individual by allowing them to share their information with other applicants who have applied for the same job.
CISA certification is not easy, but it does provide many benefits. The chance of passing the exam on the first attempt is 50%. CISA certification is valid only if the individual meets all the requirements.
Prerequisites for CISA certification
To be eligible for the CISA certification exam, an individual must have five years of experience in a related field such as auditing, assurance, security, or another related field. This certification can be considered a mid-senior professional certification.
The guidelines of ISACA state that the five years of experience must not exceed ten years after the exam. A candidate can take the exam and then get the required work experience. However, this experience must be acquired within five years of passing the CISA exam. The certification is only valid for three-years before it must be renewed. It is strongly recommended that applicants gain the required experience before taking the exam.
CISA Exam Details
The CISA exam is comprehensive and consists of 150 multiple-choice question. The exam takes four hours and the course material ensures that applicants have the necessary knowledge in the following areas.
CISA Domains
Information Systems Auditing Process (21%)

Governance and Management of IT (17%)

Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation (12%)

Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience (23%)

Protection of Information Assets (27%)

Scores are based on a scale from 200 to 800. To pass the CISA exam, one must score 450 or higher.
There are ISACA test centers all over the world. The CISA exam can be taken in many languages other than English.
You can keep the CISA Certification’s validity
After passing the exam, the individual will not only receive certification, but also have to meet other strict requirements. It must first adhere to the ISACA professional code of conduct. It must also ensure that it is enrolled in the Continuing Professional Education program (CPE), which requires that an individual invest 20 hours per year in the program. Additionally, 120 hours of contact over three years is a requirement.
Is CISA Certification worth the effort?
CISA certified professionals are highly skilled in more than just auditing and implementing controls. They are valuable assets for companies looking to combine their IT systems with high-end goals. These highly qualified resources help to create and implement the policies of a company, thus ensuring that they work in the best way possible.
CISA is a highly sought-after certification program for individuals and organizations who have security and control skills. This is the place to go for operation professionals looking to change their profile and climb up the career ladder. CISA certification is available to all interested parties. It offers well-defined short-term as long-term benefits.
Credibility: A CISA certificate