Cisco R&S Certifications: How to Become Job Ready

The devices that connect computers and peripherals within a network are called routers and switches. Switches and routers allow for seamless communication between connected devices. The exchange of data, voice and video is the heart of all business communications. They can improve productivity, reduce costs, enhance customer service, and ensure the highest level of security.
Cisco Routing and Switching Certifications: Becoming job-ready
Cisco offers a variety of certifications that validate network professionals’ abilities to design, configure, support, and maintain flawless network communication using switches and routers. Cisco CCNA and CCNP are the highest-ranking certifications. They help you get job ready by providing practical knowledge through extensive curricula. These certifications are internationally recognized and accepted as the standard credential to assess the skills of network professionals. They also help them to increase their career opportunities to become network specialists, technical consultants, or experts.
Step-By Step
CCNA Routing & Switching: The Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & switching certification is the first step to a successful career in networking. As more businesses move to controller-based architectures, the importance of network engineers is increasing. The CCNA Routing & Switching certification is for those who want to become network engineers. It allows them to gain a deep understanding of the fundamental technologies necessary to make major network transitions. The CCNA training and certification program prepares you to manage and optimize network systems. It focuses on explaining network infrastructure and how it works.
CCNP Routing & Switching: The Cisco Certified Networking Professional Routing, & Switching (CCNP) is the professional level of Cisco certification. It allows network specialists to plan, manage, maintain, and troubleshoot LANs or WANs in different enterprises. CCNP-certified professionals also have expertise in advanced networking solutions such as voice, video, security, and wireless. Individuals who want to earn Cisco CCNA certification must have CCNA. CCNP Routing and Switching certification allows network professionals to obtain enterprise roles such as network technician, support engineer, systems engineer, and network technician.
CCIE Routing & Switching: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing & Switching (CCIE) is the expert level R&S certification. CCIE Routing & Switching is a globally recognized standard that validates the expertise of networking professionals in planning and preparing, operating and monitoring simple to complex networks. This certification will give you the knowledge and hands-on experience to plan, deploy and configure, test, maintain and troubleshoot various Cisco network solutions. Network experts can earn CCIE R&S certification to demonstrate their skills as network architects, solution architects, senior system engineers, IT managers, and senior network engineers.
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