Digital Learning Pulse Survey – Immediate Priorities – A Snapshot of Higher Ed’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic [INFOGRAPHIC]

Reading time: 1 min. Bay View Analytics conducted a survey in partnership with Cengage to examine the response of U.S. higher ed to COVID-19 and the industry’s immediate priorities following the pandemic. The survey was completed by more than 800 higher education faculty and administrators from over 600 U.S. institutions.
The data showed that the majority of instructors had never taught online before the crisis. This forced them to adapt their teaching methods and expectations of students.
Here are some key findings
97% of institutions reported that faculty were not familiar with online teaching for some courses.
63 percent of instructors changed which assignments or exams they required their students to complete.
49 percent of administrators believe that sharing emergency plans from other institutions would prove helpful.

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