Ditching Paywalls With Inclusive Access [SUCCESS STREAKY]

Reading Time: 1 Minute. The Inclusive Access model at Cengage combines the cost of course material directly through the campus bookstore, or other preferred transactions. It also delivers content directly through an institution’s Learning Management System or other preferred channels, so students can be ready from day one.

To unlock certain features and textbook materials, you will need to pay. Gary Johnson, Ph.D. Director of Utah Valley University’s Professional Sales Program, had to overcome this challenge. Four of his classes had unsatisfactory materials, and students were unable to access them via paywalls. They were unable to access their online materials via the LMS on the first day of class.

He was able to find the right Cengage text through his own research. He was then able to offer Inclusive access to his online students. Learn more about Johnson and his students’ experience with Inclusive Access and Cengage.