How difficult is the AZ-900?

Microsoft’s Azure Fundamentals certification can be used by both IT and non-technical professionals to validate their foundational understanding and knowledge about cloud services, especially those offered by Microsoft Azure. A little training in Microsoft Azure basics can be a benefit to both the IT and business crowds.
Cloud computing is rapidly gaining ground in enterprise infrastructure. This makes Azure a solid career choice. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a cloud developer or a business decision-maker. Or if you are in marketing and sales.
You need to consider your career strategy and how the certification fits in with your career path if you are thinking of taking the AZ-900 exam. There are likely many questions. Is there enough experience to take AZ-900? How many hours should you study? What kind of questions will I be asked on the test? How difficult is the AZ900 exam?
Let’s review the details and then talk about the difficulty level for the Azure Fundamentals certification exam.
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Start trainingWhat is AZ-900 Exam?
The AZ-900 exam tests a professional’s understanding of cloud concepts and core Azure services, security and privacy, trust, and Azure pricing.
This exam covers general concepts such as scalability, elasticity, and IaaS/PaaS. You will also need the ability to recognize and comprehend Azure-specific technologies such as Azure IoT Hub and Azure ML. Here is a breakdown of the exam topics.
The exam costs $99 USD and contains 40-60 questions. It takes 85 minutes to complete. 700 points is the passing score, or approximately 70%.
AZ-900 is an entry-level exam that can be used to launch into a variety cloud-based roles as well as other certifications. It is designed to provide the foundation professionals need for cloud-based careers.
After obtaining the certification, professionals can move into other roles based upon specific associate-level exams such as AZ103 for Azure Administrator and AZ203, Developing Solutions For Microsoft Azure. Professionals can eventually achieve expert-level certifications through exams like AZ300, Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies.
How difficult is AZ-900?
The AZ-900 is an entry-level exam suitable for non-technical professionals. It’s also a more straightforward exam than other IT exams. It is not an easy exam. You will need to have a solid study plan in order to pass. If you don’t have any IT experience, the material can be difficult.
Perth Ngarmtrakulchol says that it is possible to pass the AZ900 exam in three days. This is much less than other IT certification exams. Shane Bartholomeusz was one of the professionals who spent over a month studying the material before passing the exam. The general consensus is that the time it takes to review the material is between these two poles. It usually takes a week or so.
The AZ-900 exam focuses on cloud computing knowledge. You might be asked to explain why a command is being used rather than to identify or provide the command. This question will not require technical knowledge, but it will test your understanding of the Azure platform.
How to Pass the AZ900 Exam
Microsoft offers free training materials. While these are valuable resources, they can’t replace the personal experience you get from SPOTO instructor-led training.
You must know how to move Azure virtual machines between subscriptions. Understanding Network Security Group and Azure Advisor. Recognize and name the differences among IaaS and PaaS.
Practice exams can be used to verify your understanding of the subject. This will help you identify areas you need to improve on, and build your confidence for the test day. If you score consistently higher than 80% on practice exams, you’re a good candidate.