How to become a SharePoint administrator

Microsoft SharePoint is the most popular collaboration and document storage and management system. It is used by more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies and over 200 million users worldwide. Cloud services and applications are being widely adopted to maximize performance. Cloud storage and management capabilities are being used by businesses to collaborate seamlessly on the move using SharePoint. Companies invest heavily in highly-skilled SharePoint administrators to ensure smooth collaboration and document management.
Understanding the role of SharePoint administrators
The SharePoint Administrator is responsible for overseeing the creation, administration, and maintenance of site collections. This allows SharePoint users to manage their profiles and to designate the SharePoint site collection administrations. The SharePoint Administrator supports routine management securely and has an in-depth knowledge of the organizational structure of SharePoint sites to optimize performance.
A SharePoint Administrator can perform the following basic tasks:
* Configuring and creating SharePoint sites
* Managing document libraries
* Configuring and building various forms and lists
* Backup SharePoint sites
You will need to have the following skills to become a SharePoint administrator
SharePoint is widely used to store and manage critical documents across organizations in order to facilitate seamless collaboration. SharePoint administration requires a combination of technical and business skills to address various SharePoint issues and user concerns. Administrators can be more efficient in their SharePoint role by understanding the following aspects:
* Hardware and devices
* Windows OS
* Software installation, configuration, management
* Security fundamentals and network infrastructure, such as firewalls and security zones.
* Analytical skills to organize and execute SharePoint projects in a business-friendly manner.
* SharePoint workflows and ULS logs to automate business processes
* SharePoint forms for creating expense reports and other tasks
SharePoint administration is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365. It requires extensive skills to use various Microsoft products. The following skills are essential for SharePoint administrators:
* Windows Server
* SQL Server
* Power BI
* Office 365
* Active Directory
Acquiring Microsoft SharePoint Administration skills
SharePoint certification and training courses are recommended for those who want to become MS SharePoint Administrators and gain the technical and business skills required to be market ready.
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