How to become an ethical hacking expert with CEH Certification

Security breaches are on the rise due to technological advances in personal and professional lives. Yahoo data security breach last year made more than 500 million e mail accounts vulnerable to threats. It revealed that even large organizations are under constant cyber security threat. This requires a robust cyber security system. Ethical hacking is an empowering tool that can provide comprehensive protection against such vulnerabilities.
What is an ethical hacker?
Often called “White Hat Hacking”, ethical hacking is a similar mindset and practice to a hacker, but for identifying loopholes and creating robust security policies to prevent information and data. An ethical hacker must be skilled in penetration testing, system hacking and awareness of malware and viruses.
Ethical Hacker Jobs
Ethical Hacking is one of the fastest-growing information technology careers due to growing concerns about network security and information security. The cybersecurity market is expected to grow to $170 billion by 2020, up from $75 billion in 2015. This will create a large demand for certified ethical hackers. To be eligible for work in cybersecurity consulting roles, both in government and corporate environments, one must pass the Certified Ethical Hacker exam. This field is a promising career path for those who are interested, as it is one of the 10 highest-paid certifications.
How to become an ethical hacker with certification
Learn What Hacking is
Before you can become an ethical hacker, it is important to know the differences between ethical hacking methods. Hacking is a controversial term. It generally refers illegally entering a system or network. Hacking can be described as three types of hackers: White Hat, Blackhat and Grey Hat. Black Hat hackers use their skills to do illegal work, while White Hat hackers are those who hack for good purposes (improving an organization’s security architecture and network).
Develop skills
There are no requirements to become an ethical hacker. It is helpful to have a solid knowledge base with a degree either in information technology, computer science, or mathematics. A candidate must also be proficient in operating system and programming languages such as C++, Java PHP, Python, and many others. They should also have proper ethical hacking training. This will provide theoretical and practical skills development regarding different penetration techniques, assessing network vulnerabilities, and working with different tools and practices. To be certified, you will need to complete a quality, in-depth training course in ethical hacking.
Get CEH Certified
A certification is a qualification that validates the candidate’s knowledge and skills in a particular technology or technique. A CEH certification in cybersecurity is essential for security professionals to get into the field and advance their career. The vendor-neutral CEH certificate, which is provided by EC-Council, demonstrates the skills of the candidate based on the sectors in which different organizations hire professionals. The EC-Council requires that the candidate have at least two years of experience in the information security field to sit for the exam. To qualify for the exam, a training is a must to acquire skills and knowledge about the industry.
NetCom Learning, a well-known name in the training sector, offers a comprehensive, in-depth and lab-based CEH certification training program, which is in line with the EC-Council model. Participants can choose to receive either instructor-led classroom or online ethical hacking training.