How to Pass Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam (RHCSA).

The Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), exam is a well-respected certification that helps candidates to build and integrate administrative skills in Linux distribution. It opens up the possibility of obtaining higher-level certifications in the same industry that potential employers may require to meet certain organizational goals.
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What is the RHCSA Exam and how do you pass it?
The RHCSA is an entry-level exam that requires candidates to pass the EX200. Red Hat Enterprise Company provides this certification.
1. For Windows System Administrators:
Red Hat System Administration I (RH124).
Red Hat System Administration II, RH134
2. For Linux and UNIX Administrators
RHCSA Rapid Track Course (RH200)
What are the RH124, RH134 and RH200 Courses?
IT professionals with no previous experience in Linux administration can enroll in the Red Hat System Administration 1 course, also known as RH124. This course focuses on core administrative tasks that Red Hat calls the’survivor skill’.
Once the candidate has passed the RH124, it is time for RH134.
The RH134 is a learning tool that allows candidates to become full-time Linux administrators.
RH 200 is the Linux-based exam. The candidate will learn common commands and work with them during the course. This certification covers all the content of RH 124 & RH134 at a faster pace.
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What are the RHCSA Course Contents and How Can I Help?
The candidate will be expected to learn the following during the course of the study:
Management – Groups, files, and permissions
Software packages – Management and Update
System services during boot process – management and troubleshooting
Network configuration and basic troubleshooting
Local storage – Management through logical volumes or partitions
File Systems – Creation, configuration, and usage
Firewalls – Installation and Management
Management of Kernel-based virtual machine (KVM).
Linux system – Installation, deployment, configuration and update
What is the purpose of RHCSA Examinations?
The RHCSA focuses on the ability to administer systems in a Windows 7 or Linux 7 environment. The exam will test a candidate’s ability install and configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems. Candidates taking the RHCSA exam will need to be able to complete tasks on their own. They will also need to demonstrate the skills required to attach the system as a live service to a network.
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How long does the RHCSA Examination last?
The certification exam takes two and a half hours and is a practical test that stimulates a lab environment.
Is there a passing score?
Yes, just like all the rest.