How to pass Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam Blog

It is important to have a good understanding of many telephony-related technologies prior to taking the exam. Before you prepare for the exam, here are some key learning skills that you should develop.
You should also have sufficient hands-on experience with scripting, debugging, and platform.
It is also recommended to create dynamic, personalized marketing assets such as emails, landing pages, building forms, and forms using HTML, CSS and AMPscript.
It is important to have sufficient experience with Marketing Cloud APIs and to be able to demonstrate SQL competency.
Let’s now examine some of the most important aspects of the Certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers is for developers who have previous Marketing Cloud development experience. The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification shows that the audience has previous experience in the administration and configuration Marketing Cloud Email applications.
This certificate is for a Marketing Cloud developer who has experience using HTML, CSS, AMPscript to create personalized marketing assets such as emails, landing pages, forms, and other digital assets. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developers are SQL experts and have used Marketing Cloud APIs.
Audience Description: Salesforce MarketingCloud Developer
Salesforce Marketing Cloud developers are familiar with customizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud data. The developer is familiar with subscriber management across channels and can troubleshoot various programmed languages used to create tactical and strategic email campaigns.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers have worked as full-stack developers for Marketing Cloud. They produce targeted, dynamic messages and landing pages as well as data manipulations, segmentation, reporting, and analytics. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers usually have at least one-year experience in developing for Marketing Cloud and related tools.
Knowledge is required
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer candidates have the knowledge, skills and abilities to: Configure and extend data models (data extensions and shared data extensions), Contact model.
Configure the import of data.
Clients and data from the platform (SQL views, Send Log, SQL) can be used. Basic SQL should be written, including join statements.
You can create customized, dynamic marketing assets by using several scripting languages
Marketing Cloud: Create an online experience (data forms, custom preference webpages).
How to manage subscriptions
Use the SOAP and REST APIs to work through and resolve situations.
Spend some time looking through the Exam Guide and the additional Salesforce-provided study resources.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud DeveloperExam Format
Below is a summary of the exam format for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer. A brief description of the exam follows.
The test is called Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer and does not require a code. This exam has 60 questions.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam may contain case studies, mark review, mark review, drag-and-drop, and other types questions.
After that, candidates will be able take the exam in English. This exam will cost USD $200 plus any taxes.
You must also pass the exam in 105 minutes. This should not be a problem if you are able to manage your time well. To pass the exam, you must score at least 63 percent.
Exam Policies
Let’s look at the basics of the exam, such as pricing and scoring policy. let’s