How to pass Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification Exam Blog

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultants is for experts with customer-facing skills who are interested in implementing Salesforce NonprofitCloud products. The target audience must also have previous experience installing and configuring Salesforce Nonprofit cloud. The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant can also design and implement Nonprofit Cloud solutions that meet client business objectives, are scalable, maintainable, and contribute towards long-term customer success. What are your responsibilities on the job? Let’s get it straight!
Source: Salesforce What are your responsibilities?
You should pass the Salesforce NonprofitCloud Consultant exam to be able handle the following responsibilities. A Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant is responsible for creating and implementing solutions that help customers improve their business processes. They also assist in the creation and maintenance of specifications using Salesforce apps. This allows customers to adopt these solutions. These are the qualities that candidates should demonstrate:
First, implement successful solutions
Second, anticipating and mitigating risk
Management of customer expectations
Increasing customer confidence is the next step
Consistently delivering business results that are effective
Furthermore, you need to manage the delivery of solutions and any other issues that may arise
Solutions that are both scalable and easily maintained
To ensure long-term success, change management practices should be established.
Troubleshooting and resolving problems is another important aspect.
Prioritize customer issues and escalate them
Finally, train the customer about new business processes that are part of the solution
Course outline: Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
Preparing for the exam is only possible if you understand its goals. It is important to understand that the test outline is your exam’s syllabus. This means that questions on the question paper will only be asked about these goals. Let’s now discuss the course outline of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Specialist exam. Take a piece of paper and write down the following:
1. Domain Expertise: 20%
First, identify the right Salesforce solutions for fundraising or donor management.
Secondly, identify the best Salesforce solutions for marketing or engagement.
Identify the best Salesforce solutions for program or volunteer management.
Also, identify and justify the purpose of resource sites such as the Power of Us Hub and Trailblazer Community, Trailhead and Trailhead.
2. Nonprofit Cloud Product Configuration: 22%
You can also modify the NPSP Settings to manage people (Leads and Contacts, Accounts Affiliations Relationships, Addresses), based on a set of requirements.
Furthermore, you can configure fundraising features (Opportunities and Payments, Allocations Gift Entry, Recurring Donations, Gift Entry, and Gift Entry) and batch process handling.
Also, if you receive an error message from a Nonprofit cloud application, identify if it is a Nonprofit cloud application issue and the appropriate next steps.
Explain the differences between Salesforce and Nonprofit Cloud release dates. Also, consider declarative and custom development during the implementation stage.
Install non-profit cloud applications and/or solutions
Configure the Nonprofit Cloud Application Security Model to meet customer needs.
3. Implementation Strategies and Best practices: 18%
Facilitate a Nonprofit Cloud consulting engagement based on the given scenario.
Collect requirements, create user stories, then turn business processes into solution design.
Salesforce best practices for governance are used to create a change management process.
Determine the best testing and deployment strategy (sandbox, enterprise) and implement it