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Are you interested in the Analyzing and Visualizing Data With Microsoft Excel (70-7799) exam? Do you have any questions? You’ve come to the right place. All your questions will be answered. This blog will provide all the details related to the exam.
Microsoft is a well-respected name in the certification field. It offers a variety of certifications that use advanced technologies. Let’s now discuss the Analyzing and Visualizing Data using Microsoft Excel (70-7799) exam. This exam will increase your knowledge in Microsoft Excel visualizations and data analysis. This exam focuses on critical thinking and decision-making skills that are necessary to succeed at the MCSA level. The Microsoft 70-779 exam will allow you to explore real-world mastery in Microsoft Excel.
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Exam 70-779. Analyzing and Visualizing Data With Microsoft Excel
Microsoft is a name that hints at the positive things that are about to happen. Microsoft has elevated certification to a new platform. This has given many people hope and confidence to be experts in their chosen field. The Analyzing and Visualizing Microsoft Excel certification exam is a crucial step to achieving success at the MCSA level. This exam will allow you to test your skills in Excel data analysis and visualization.
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You will also find the exam-related structure, details, and exam preparations in the article.
Microsoft Excel 70-779 Exam Structure

Overview of Microsoft70-779 exam Course
It is important to be familiar with all course topics and content before you start to study. These topics are important and are covered in the certification.
Microsoft Excel: Consuming and Transforming Data
This topic is the first in the Microsoft 70-779 exam. This topic is also worth 30-35% of the exam’s weightage. This section will cover the following topics:
First, import from data sources
After that, performdata transformations
Cleansing data is the final step.
Model Data:
This topic covers 35-40% the exam weightage. These are the most important sections.
First, creating and optimizing data models.
Second, createcalculated columns and measures, as well as tables.
Creating performance KPIs is next.
It also includes creating hierarchies.
Visualize Data
This topic is important for the exam and accounts for 30-35% of the total weightage. These are the sections that are covered in this area.
First, create and manage PivotTables.
Next, create and manage PivotCharts.
Finally, interact with Power BI.
What skills are required to pass the Microsoft 70-779 exam
First, you need to be able to use Microsoft Excel to perform data analysis.
You should also be able to use excel to visualize, transform, and consume data.
Above all, you should know how to configure data in PivotTable,PowerPivot and PivotCharts.
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