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Individuals who are Microsoft certified are given more weight than others. This means that Microsoft has a positive impact on the industry and individuals. It can also help you become a professional. Passing the Querying data with Transact-SQL (70761) exam is a sign that you are a professional. The Microsoft 79-761 exam is for people who are skilled in creating questions. You should therefore be proficient in SQL databases. This will help you improve your skills and expand your knowledge.
First, we will be learning about the Querying Data with Transact SQL exam in the next step before moving on to exam details.
Exam Querying Data using Transact- SQL (70-761)
Microsoft has raised the bar in certifications. This has allowed many people to gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to be experts in their field. The Querying Data With Transact-SQL (70-761) test is an essential step towards earning the Professional badge. This exam will let you assess your level of experience. You can test your SQL skills and understanding by building queries.
Why Microsoft Certification?
These points will help you to better understand the situation.
First, Microsoft offers many certifications that can be customized to suit individual needs. It also provides valuable certificates after passing any certification exam.
It will add more value to your resume or help you in job hunting. This certification will also serve as experience during the hiring process.
People in the IT industry who want to achieve professional certifications should consider Microsoft first.
Next, we will discuss the Microsoft 70-761 exam details. You will also find the exam details, details, and exam preparation tips in this article.
Microsoft 70-761 Exam Structure
Below is the table that contains exam information.
Course Outline: Querying Data With Transact- SQL (70-761 exam)
Before you start studying, it is important to have the right study materials and content. Microsoft has provided three topics that are important for this exam.
1. Transact-SQL Data Management:
This topic is the first in the Microsoft 70-779 exam. This topic is also worth 30-35% of the exam’s weightage. This section will cover the following topics:
Firstly, Creating Transact-SQL SELECT queries
Next, query multiple tables using joins
The next step is to implement functions and aggregate data
Modifying data is the final step.
2. Transact-SQL advanced components allow you to query data:
This topic covers 35-40% the exam weightage. These are the most important sections.
Firstly, querying data using sub queries and applying
Secondly, querying data using table expressions
Then, use queries to group and pivot data
The next step is to query temporal data and other non-relational information
3. Transact-SQL is used to program databases
This topic is crucial for the exam, and accounts for between 30-35% of the total weightage. These are the sections that are covered in this area.
First, Transact-SQL allows you to create database programmability objects
Secondly, Implementing error handling procedures and transactions
Final: Implementing data types, NULLs
Who is the best candidate for Microsoft 70-761 exam preparation?
First, Microsoft 70-761 exam will help you to validate your ability to write queries.
You will need to have at least two years experience in order to pass this exam.
Let’s now discuss who is the best fit for this role. This image will help you to understand more.
You will receive all exam-related information as you move on to the next step.
Exam Scoring
Microsoft offers a variety of suggestions to help you score the Microsoft 70-779 exam.
To start,