Inspirational Project Management It’s something we all do. Every day, we work hard at our jobs. Sometimes, we lose sight of the forest for the trees. Finding Inspiration. Although managing a project might seem boring on a daily basis, I bet you can find some very inspirational insights to share with the project teams.

  • What is the “Why” of your project?
  • Who will it benefit?
  • What is the difference between a world without and with the product you produce?

Even theoretical case studies are powerful ways your product can impact or will impact the world. My teams and I are concerned about many things every day, including how to frame scenes such as this from space so that all data about a place is consistent over time, what metadata scientists need and how to store it and make it searchable, orderable, documentation, and other details. These may seem like trivial things, but they can be if you view them as separate activities. We need a shift in perspective, a reminder about the goal. Inspirational Leadership: I can do better at this. I must remind my team what the forest looks and why we are doing it. Here’s my promise to myself and to my team: I will find at most one inspiring case study that demonstrates why our project adds value for the world and share it. I encourage you to make the same pledge. Perhaps it’s a testimonial from someone who was positively impacted by the work done at your agency. Maybe you need to dig deeper into some projects. What are some examples of negative consequences of regulating an activity? These examples will help you to show the world why your work is valuable. Let’s now talk about something cool I think this month: Recovery from Mt. Landsat Satellites See the St. Helens Explosion. This is one of the reasons I’m proud to have been part of this mission. This data is not only used in traditional ways, but also in agriculture, forestry and land use. What makes you and your team proud of your projects?