International Project Management Day: Three Ways to Celebrate

Today is International Project Management Day. It’s a day to celebrate project managers and the discipline of project management.
I would like to extend my formal celebration of this day for all you new and aspiring managers.
How can you find out more and celebrate a day for project managers?
#1 – Go to the website and watch the video
Go to and take 10 minutes to watch the video on the home page that will help you learn more about what International Project Management Day is all about.? Frank’s suggestion that experienced project managers mentor an aspiring or new project manager is a great idea! Let’s make these new and promising project managers successful and proud!
#2 – Appreciate Project Management
Frank states in the video that almost everything you can imagine in our world is the result a project. Every structure, every application, every event, even the most complex, is possible through project management. Project management is the only way to achieve complex structures, applications, events, etc.
Recognize the scope and magnitude of our work. Dr. Paul Giammalvo would agree that project management is so integral to everyday life, it’s hard to draw a distinction between it and other concepts of management and business. Although we may call ourselves project managers, we don’t have exclusive rights to the work that we do. However, I believe there is a difference in someone who recognizes what they do and how it can be improved.
# 3 – Attend an International Project Management Day Event
This link will take you to both online and in-person events that celebrate this day. You can add your city in quotations to the end of your search query to see if there are any events in your area.
Happy International Project Management Day!