Microsoft Dynamics 365 Basics & Certifications That Matter

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the solution to the missing link between customers and businesses. This product empowers businesses, and propels them further by providing the right training and certification for their workforce.
What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?
Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based enterprise platform, houses many core functions in one package. It combines Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management (HRM), and Power BI to allow for the reporting of insights.
What can Microsoft Dynamics 365 accomplish?
Microsoft Dynamics 365 hosts a number of apps that can perform multiple functions under one unified program. These apps can not only share the same business information, but they may also interact in new ways. These are the core 7 functions.
Sales: Develop relationships with customers and increase sales through actionable insights

Marketing: Create customer journeys that nurture leads and engage them

Service: Use intelligent analytics to develop customer and field service

Operations: This covers the aspect of supply chain management

Finance: Use AI-driven insights to improve financial control

Commerce: Create and manage digital commerce online and offline

channelsHR: Perform HR job duties using self-service tools and Microsoft Products

Basic facts about Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365 accounts more than half the USD3 billion in business application revenue in 2020Microsoft will likely overtake Salesforce as the CRM market leader in the next 3 Years
Microsoft releases 2 major updates each year to improve the performance of Dynamics 365. This creates a new skill gap for Dynamics 365 specialists and warrants certification and training.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certifications: Setting yourself up for Success
28% of certified technical professionals received salary increments

23% of certified technical workers reported a salary increase up to 20%

13% of technical professionals who are certified found new jobs in a different industry.

76% of technical professionals who are certified experienced higher job satisfaction.

Source: Pearson VUE survey 2021 Value of IT Certification
While certification is time-consuming and costly, it can be a great investment in your career. Certification helps you stand out from your peers by allowing you to have specialized expertise that is in high demand. Employers will also notice candidates with certifications. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification provides global recognition for skills mastery.
Microsoft Learn Roadmap to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certifications
Microsoft Dynamics 365 certifications follow role-based paths that allow candidates to develop their skills according to current technical knowledge. The levels are similar to other Microsoft certification ladders and are divided into expert, associate, fundamental and expert. Higher certification levels are dependent on prior certifications (if applicable) and previous expertise as prerequisites.
Microsoft will end Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals in June 2021. The portfolio also includes two other fundamental certifications: Customer Engagement Apps CRM, Finance and Operation Aps ERP. This new development is a good opportunity to plan your certification journey.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Customer Engag Apps (CRM),
This certification proved that candidates can use Microsoft Dynamics customer engagement apps. It also demonstrates basic operational knowledge in Dynamics 365 Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Finance & Operations Apps (ERP).
This certification covers the skills in SCM, finance and commerce, as well as HR, project operations, business centre, and finance. It demonstrates that the candidate is proficient in operations and finance.