Microsoft Exam AZ400: Practice Tests Now Available

We have received many requests for practice tests for Azure AZ-400 after the success of our Azure Certifications Training Courses. We appreciate your request and are happy to announce the Azure AZ-400 practice exams.
AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions exam. This exam is for professionals who have been previously awarded the badges of Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate and Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate.
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Let’s get into the details to learn more about the Azure AZ-400 certification exam.
Exam AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions
The exam AZ400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions was designed for DevOps professionals who can combine people, technology, and processes to deliver products and services that meet customer expectations and achieve business goals. DevOps professionals are responsible for streamlining delivery by improving communication and collaboration, optimizing processes, and creating automation.
DevOps professionals also design and implement strategies for the application infrastructure. This allows for continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous monitoring.
Did you know? Microsoft has made major changes to the AZ400 certification exam. These changes will take effect on June 15, 2020. We have updated AZ400 Practice Tests with 3 new practice tests to ensure that our practice material is in line with these changes.
Requirements to pass the Azure AZ400 Exam
To sit for the Azure AZ400 exam, the candidate must meet the following requirements. These requirements are necessary if you want to become a Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions specialist.
Proficiency in agile practices
Familiarity with both Azure Administration and Azure Development
Ability to design and implement DevOps practices in compliance, build, release and version control testing, configuration management and infrastructure as code.
Expertise in Azure Developer or Azure Administrator with at minimum one year of experience
Details about the AZ-400 Exam Information
The candidate who passes the Azure AZ-400 exam earns a badge as a Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer expert. The prerequisite to the Azure AZ400 exam is a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate or Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associates. The exam is extremely difficult and expert-level, so candidates have 210 minutes to complete it instead of the 150 in other Azure certifications. This certification costs the same as the associate level certifications, i.e. US $165
The table below will provide a quick overview of the AZ-400 exam information.
Azure Exam AZ-400 Basic Information
Name of the Certification Organization
Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
Exam Code
Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate certification
Exam Duration
210 Minutes
Registering Fee
US$ 165
Microsoft Azure
Domains covered in the Azure AZ400 Exam
The Microsoft Azure AZ-400 exam validates and measures the ability of candidates in different domains:
Azure AZ-400 Exam Objectives
Skills measured
Percentage Weight
Designing a DevOps Strategy
Implementing DevOps Development Processes
Implementing Continuous Integration
Implementing Continuous Delivery
Implementing Dependency Management
Implementing Application Infrastructure
Implementing Continuous Feedback

If you want to pass the AZ400 certification exam on the first attempt, it is a good idea to follow the correct preparation track.
This comprehensive guide will help you prepare for the AZ400 exam.
Whizlabs Microsoft Azure AZ-400 Practice Tests
Exam AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam. This is one of the role-based Azure certifications that first launched in the beta version. While many other role-based exams have been modified and even expired after their beta versions, the exam remains unchanged. Whizlabs has created practice tests for Microsoft Azure AZ-400 to aid you in your preparation.
These are the main features and functions of the Whizlabs AZ-400 practice test:
Free practice test with 15 questions
3 Full-length practice exams
Each practice test contains 165 questions.
Exhaustive explanations for every question
Each correct/incorrect option is explained in detail
Test reports to assess and improve weak areas
Unlimited access and lifetime validity
The practice tests for Whizlabs Microsoft Azure AZ-400 have been created by subject matter experts and certified professionals. The AZ-400 mock tests will give you an idea of what the actual exam is like.