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Microsoft Azure Exam Certification and Training are two of the main criteria employers use to hire. They also hire professionals. A Microsoft Azure Certified technologist earns 15% more than their uncertified counterparts. A certification makes it easier to hire. An individual can benefit from a valid Microsoft Azure Certification in many ways. In recruitment, a valid Microsoft Azure Certification helps to demonstrate comprehensible business impacts and advance career opportunities. A valid Certification is always a good idea.
You want to learn why the Microsoft Azure Certifications are important, how to become a Microsoft Azure Certified Professional, and what Azure Certification exam and career path you can choose. You’re in the right place.
Cloud Computing Potential
Every organization is migrating its vital data to the cloud. To manage such sensitive information, every employee would need to have cloud management skills. Cloud computing is a technology with huge potential that is growing rapidly, according to IDC whitepaper.
Cloud Computing has seen major vendors emerge, with distinct services in Cloud Computing spectrum such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud Rackspace, and AWS. Microsoft Azure is the market leader, accounting for 29 % of all cloud market applications. This explains why Microsoft Azure Certifications have become the most sought-after requirement in the industry.
Cloud Computing is well documented and is regularly updated. Technology is constantly changing. It is an advantage to be knowledgeable about the latest technology. Trainocate offers a variety of certifications. Based on your company’s requirements, you can choose the appropriate Microsoft course.
Role-based Microsoft Azure Exam Training and Certification
Microsoft created the unique strategy of creating industry-specific and market-specific roles. This influence the decision-making of IT professionals as well as the hiring recruiters. Microsoft Azure Exam Certification & Training concludes that there are many certification pathways and exams. These are determined by the job role and area of interest. Role-based Azure Certification strategy focuses on the engagement of the community after identifying job requirements.
Microsoft Azure provides exams at different levels. A series of exams is required to become an Ultimate Microsoft Azure Certified Professional. Microsoft Azure Exam Certification and Training can be divided into three levels: Expert, Associate, and Fundamental. Here is a list of Role-based certifications.
Azure Fundamentals Level Certification:
This optional exam is required to earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certification. This exam tests basic cloud skills and Microsoft fundamentals. If required, an individual can apply for Azure Certification. The only Azure Fundamental exam that is available is Microsoft Certified Azure – Fundamentals Exam AZ-9000
Azure Associate Level Certification:
To earn Associate-level certifications, an individual must pass Associate-level exams. Here is the Azure Associate Level Certifications: Azure Database Administrator Associate. Azure Data Scientist Associate. Azure Administrator Associate. Azure Data Engineer Associate. Azure Security Engineer Associate. Azure Developer Associate.
Expert Level Certification
To be able to obtain Expert Level Certifications, you don’t need Associate Level Certification. After obtaining Associate Level Certifications, it is recommended to move up to Expert Level. Azure Associate Level Certifications are Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Expert Expert and Microsoft Certified, Azure Solutions Architect Expert
Quick Steps to Select the Right Certification
You can choose the best Azure Certification path and exam for yourself.