New Training: Information gathering and vulnerability scanning for penetration testing. In this intermediate training video, Shawn Powers, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge security professionals need to gather sufficient information about a target system, and perform effective vulnerability scans. This will make your penetration tests more effective. There are many tools available to professionals in cybersecurity to protect a network or system. Penetration testing is the most powerful and versatile tool to find any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in a network so that they can be fixed before they are exploited. Without adequate information, a penetration tool will not be useful. Without gathering information about the network and systems, planning a penetration test is like embarking on a road trip with no map or destination. This Information Gathering & Vulnerability Scanning Training for Penetration Testing gives you the tools to prepare a successful test. This five-part series covers topics like leveraging both passive as active information gathering, identifying and how to import it, and analyzing data streams for pertinent information. This training covers: Understanding ICS and SCADA, Using Open Source Intelligence to Gather Information, Handling Scanning Permissions, Scanning Considerations. It also includes 29 videos. Watch a video. Here’s more information about vulnerability scans from the SPOTO blog: Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Tests vs. Vulnerability scans: What’s the Difference? 10 Best Tools for Pen Testing Get started with vulnerability scans today! Download