New Training: Infrastructure Testing using PowerShell and Pester Testing Framework

SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan demonstrates how Pester can be used to monitor infrastructure in this 9-video DevOps training.
This is the new PowerShell training.
Pester is an open-source testing framework for PowerShell. Although its primary purpose is to test PowerShell code unit, it can also serve as a generic testing framework.
You can document your environment by applying a test-driven model to infrastructure monitoring. You can also infer intent from the contents of a test set. Your infrastructure tests can be stored as code to allow you to version control, track changes over time and easily revert any changes that cause problems.
These are some examples of automated infrastructure testing:
Ping default gateway with less than “X” milliseconds response
Monitor for HTTP 200 OK status code on a production website
Make sure firewall rules aren’t modified on managed routers
Make sure cloud costs are not out of control

You can use similar techniques to monitor infrastructure in other situations, using a test-driven approach.
This SPOTO skill will teach you how to make sure the Pester module on your system is up-to date and how to write Pester test. We will be focusing on how to implement simple assertions that validate that ping responses times are below a certain threshold. PowerShell will also be used to validate and perform performance testing against HTTP endpoints.
This training includes:
9 videos
1 hour of training

You can watch a video from the series here:

Learn Pester to monitor infrastructure today!
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