TeamGantt: How to get your team on board

There are fewer emails and Slack messages, which means fewer deadlines missed, fewer plans that are outdated, and less confusion.
These are just a few of the many benefits that thousands of managers and planners are experiencing by encouraging their teams to use TeamGantt. How can you get your team excited about using a Gantt chart and infuse it into their work?
One of our most successful customers shared with us that they simply held meetings to discuss all the benefits and show how simple it would be. It worked like a charm. We thought we’d share our tips for success with everyone.
Here’s a simple framework to help you get your team to use TeamGantt. You can modify it to suit your company, and feel free to contact us to let us know how it goes!
First, display your plans.
Invite your team to TeamGantt. You can use guest licenses for free until your team is signed up.
Once you invite your team to review your plan, it’s time to set up a meeting or lunch and learn. (Learn more about that in the next step …)
You might have questions at this stage about the tool. These are some suggestions to help answer the most common questions.
What is TeamGantt?
It’s a tool for team planning and management that allows us to see the whole picture of the work being done. It will help us to rally around a plan.
You can see the plan and which parts you are responsible for. You can contact me directly in the tool to discuss the work and adjust the timing. Click on a task to leave a comment. Next, invite your team members to a mandatory meeting.
Now that you have laid the groundwork, it is time to get everyone involved. The most successful teams tell us that they hold a meeting and use that time to get everyone involved in TeamGantt.
Here are some guidelines to help you plan your meeting.
1. Describe how TeamGantt benefits your company/team every day.
This helps everyone understand why engagement is important for the entire team. Highlight the most important benefits that your team will be interested in.
This is a great place for you to start:
Increase visibility TeamGantt allows everyone to see exactly where a project is at all times and ensures that your plan is always up-to-date.
Increase accountability. Everyone can see how their tasks fit into the larger picture and how delays affect the deadline.
You will be more likely to meet deadlines. A visual plan can help your team rally around you and give you more confidence.
Improve efficiency. The plan eliminates all guesswork so your team can focus on the task at hand and spend less time spinning their wheels.
Reduce confusion. It’s easier to avoid confusion by making sure everyone knows what they need and when.
Serving customers better. A clear plan will make it easier to impress your customers and is a better indicator of success.
2. Describe how TeamGantt can be used to benefit your team individually.
Anyone can find it difficult to use a new tool. Show your team members how TeamGantt could improve their personal workflow. These are some ideas to help explain the benefits of TeamGantt.
TeamGantt makes it simple for you to:
A daily to-do listing view makes it easy to see what you have to do each day. It also allows you to easily update your status and execute tasks.
Check out what you have been assigned and when your work is due
Plan accordingly and prepare for what’s next
All information about a task can be found in one place (e.g. notes, documents and discussions).
Learn how your work affects the tasks of other members of your team
You won’t have to stress about this project because you don’t have to wonder, What do I need?
3. Demo time! Demo time!
Everyone now understands why they should use team