Top 5 Microsoft Word Alternatives Free: Are They Worth Your Time?

Microsoft’s many features are now part of everything. Virtually everyone would use at least one product from this company. Microsoft Office is a popular product offered by the tech giant and almost everyone uses it. It’s no surprise that it is expensive. The downside is that you can’t use all of the features of Microsoft Office. This makes it a rip-off to pay for the entire package. You don’t need to pay for Microsoft Word if you only use it. There are five alternatives you can use right away. Let’s take a look at them!
1. Google Docs
Google Docs is the first of our free alternatives to Microsoft Word. Google Docs is free, but you will need to create a Google account in order to access it. Google Docs is the perfect alternative to Microsoft Word if you only need the basic features of Microsoft Word. It can be used for basic word processing, and it is integrated into Google Drive. Because everything you do is saved directly to Google Cloud, you don’t need to worry about losing any data. It also automatically saves every key you click, so in the event of a crash your data won’t be lost. You can continue where you left off.
Google Docs also supports.docx, Microsoft Word, and.docx formats. Google Docs allows you to import and edit any document. Real-time collaboration is another great feature of this tool. You can share the file with another person, and both can work on and review the document simultaneously. It is a basic processor and will most likely not be sufficient for more experienced users.
2. Microsoft Office Word Online
The online version of Microsoft Word Online is a great alternative to the paid version for those who love using it. Microsoft Word Online, just like Google Docs is a Cloud-based version of Microsoft Word that has been simplified. It does not have the advanced features of Word locally installed. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants a free copy of Microsoft Word. There are many similarities between Word Online & Google Docs. Although the interface is nearly identical, Word Online can be customized to have a more Microsoft-like feel. Any document you create there will be saved to Microsoft OneDrive. It also offers real-time collaboration capabilities, similar to Google Docs. Formatting Word Online is great because you can import your work to Microsoft Word and then support it.
3. Apache OpenOffice Writer
Apache OpenOffice Writer is an alternative to Microsoft Word’s ribbon. It has a classic interface that looks a bit cluttered but still replicates the Microsoft Office 2003 menu. This substitute has many additional features, including security patches and updating. Apache OpenOffice Writer supports both.docx, and.docx file formats. It retains formatting even when it is imported to other file types. OpenOffice Writer incorporates many of the advanced features found in Microsoft Word. OpenOffice makes it easy to store and access files in Cloud Drive. To access Cloud storage, you’ll need to have the Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud or Google Drive desktop client installed on your computer.
4. LibreOffice Writer
LibreOffice Writer, like Apache OpenOffice Writer and other open-source tools for word processing, is also completely free. It supports.docx files and.doc files, as well as other tools that are needed by most Microsoft Word users in their word processing. LibreOffice Writer is very similar to OpenOffice Writer. They share many similarities, including file format support, interface style and basic word processing features. Both are great alternatives to Microsoft Word for users who want to use them.
5. WPS Office Writer
WPS Office Writer can be a great alternative for users looking for a word-processor with high-level features, but not at the price of Microsoft Word. This is an excellent, full-featured suite of applications. It can do almost the same things as Word and has native Cloud support. This makes it easy to store documents online. It doesn’t have a real time collaboration feature. WPS Office Writer has many other advantages. This tool is more powerful than other free options like Apache OpenOffice Writer. This suite has one small problem, but it is not a major issue for most people. This is an advertisement.